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(Photo Credit: Photo submission from 2020 Survey 123 Pollinator Habitat Assessment Survey)
(Photo Credit: Photo submission from 2020 Survey 123 Pollinator Habitat Assessment Survey)

If you care about pollinators and want to get involved in efforts to protect them and their habitats, look no further! Below is the contact information listed for the university departments and programs as well as the student programs and organizations related to pollinator conservation across campus. You can get involved by participating in events held by each organization, department, and program, or, you can become a member of one of the student programs and organizations! Come and join us today!

University departments and organizations

Office of Campus Sustainability

Website: https://ocs.umich.edu


  1. Recycling/Waste Reduction: recycle@umich.edu
  2. Zero Waste/Composting: zerowaste@umich.edu
  3. Energy: energyconservation@umich.edu
  4. Sustainable Labs and ChEM Reuse: sustainable-labs@umich.edu
  5. Sustainable Office: sustainable-office@umich.edu

Planet Blue

Website: sustainability.umich.edu

Email: planetblue@umich.edu

Grounds services

Website: https://cgs.fo.umich.edu/services/landscape-grounds/


  1. Phone: (734) 763-5539
  2. Fax: (734) 764-9390

STUDENT PROGRAMS and Organizations

Student Sustainability Coalition (SSC)

Website: http://graham.umich.edu/ssc

Email: sustainability.coalition.core@umich.edu

University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP)

Website: http://sustainability.umich.edu/umsfp

Email: umsfp.core@umich.edu

Um Bees

Website: http://sustainability.umich.edu/umsfp/about/organization/umbees

Email: umichbeekeeping@gmail.com

Campus Farm

Website: https://mbgna.umich.edu/matthaei-botanical-gardens/campus-farm/

Email: campusfarm@umich.edu

Planet Blue Ambassador Program

Website: http://sustainability.umich.edu/pba

Email: pba-information@umich.edu

We want you to BEE a member of our colony! Join us today!