Student Programs and Organizations

A strong, sustainable student presence in the pollinator conservation space is essential for meaningful impact, which makes student organizations and programs especially important. At the University of Michigan, multiple student organizations play an active role in pollinator conservation

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Student sustainability coalition (ssc)

SSC fosters bridges among social and environmental sustainability-related groups at U-M to create a shared vision that unifies campus-wide student sustainability efforts. SSC also provides funding for projects focusing on sustainability, including pollinator conservation efforts.

University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP)

This is a student designed program to support sustainable food and student groups and efforts on campus, from helping scale the Campus Farm to growing the Maize and Blue Cupboard. UMSFP serves as the umbrella program for many different student organizations that work with food systems and include pollinator-friendly practices such as organic farming and reducing pesticide use which are important tenets of healthy and equitable food systems.

Campus Farm

The Campus Farm provides leadership development, education, and research opportunities for students with hands-on experience encouraging invaluable lessons related to sustainable food production. The Campus Farm creates access for food for students at the University of Michigan while implementing pollinator-friendly farming practices. The farm serves as a platform for educational activities and resources.

Planet Blue Ambassador Program

The Planet Blue Ambassador program is the starting point to sustainability at the University of Michigan. The goal of the program is to empower students, faculty, and staff with the information and resources needed to live, work, and learn sustainably at the university. By completing introductory training on campus sustainability goals, progress on each goal to date, and how each of us individually can help contribute, anyone can become a member of this program.

Student organizations

UM Bees

UM Bees focuses on promoting, propagating, and protecting honey bees, which although are non-native to Michigan are still an important pollinating species. The organization meets weekly to work on projects related to keeping bees, educating the community on the importance of bees, promoting bee friendly environments, constructing bee hives and propagating bee colonies, and harvesting and making bee products.

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