Connecting With The Ann Arbor Community

A strong presence of community members engaging in pollinator conservation outside of the University of Michigan is equally as essential as campus presence and engagement. Being situated in the heart of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan is successful in creating ties with our city to practice pollinator stewardship and create long-lasting, sustainable behaviors related to conserving pollinators throughout the city’s landscapes.

Photo Credit: Savanna Delise

Washtenaw County Food Policy Council’s Pollinators Policy Action Team

One way the greater Ann Arbor Community is involved in pollinator stewardship is through The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council’s Pollinators Policy Action Team. This subcommittee “convenes to recommend and support that institutions within the county take measures to preserve our essential pollinator populations” (Washtenaw Food Policy council website). This subcommittee headed by Ann Hubbard is focused on collaborating with the city’s largest stakeholders including the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Washtenaw County public schools, and Washtenaw County municipalities to “support, pledge, and implement organizational policies to protect pollinators by using best landscape management practices, as well as increasing pollinator habitat areas” (Washtenaw Food Policy council website).

When we work together, we can BEE the change we want to see!

Photo Credit: Savanna Delise